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Time is Now

Man is not fated to being merely mortal; the human condition is perennially evolving and transmogrifying into the true Godlikeness inherent in even the most errant of hominids. It is not by breaking with Nature and with our own natural inclinations that our true likeness to God is exposed; it is, rather, by acknowledging and fully participating in our own natural Godhood that we may continue to evolve into a fully matured, fully upright and unfallen species of divinely Human men and women.

Gone now are the days when religion shone its penetrative searchlight on scattered tribes of uncivilized hominids, seeking to humanize the fire-wielding, tool-making proto-humans of the late Cro-Magnon era. Time is now for religion to serve the needs of a species of Being now much more angel than ape; time is now for the divinization of human civilization, and the full deployment of the deific inventiveness so characteristic of the Human Spirit.

Time is now for religion to cease from disparaging Mankind’s humanity. True theology should no longer regard Humankind as perennially deficient and in a permanent state of spiritual shortage, but rather recognize that our plentifulness of naturally human traits are truly signs of our collective spiritual abundance. Religion has indeed initiated society into the Mysteries of God; but time is now for religion to evolve our society into a civilization capable of exposing its own true Godlikeness, a more fully evolved species thoroughly readied and enabled to manifest and reveal its own innate, natural-born Divinity.

The mystic transcendence of our mortal limitations into which our religions initiate us is no lonely flight away from the World, nor does it encourage the continued condemnation of the human condition. On the contrary: the transcendent viewpoint bestowed upon those gifted with the theophany of mystic ecstasy provides them the inspiration for a deeper participation in the life of the World-- the fostering of a more angelic human species, and the nurturing of the long promised Utopia, the Golden Age that yet awaits the full employment of our deific inventiveness for its future construction. True theology does not disparage the natural World, nor the inclinations to which authentic participation in the life of Nature dispose us. Genuine religious faith makes us better caretakers of the blessings we find everywhere disclosed in the natural World, and allows the Spirit its rightful freedom to partake of the God-given miracles that naturally exude from our healthy human bodies.

Humankind’s natural tendency towards mystic transcendence is not something to be cloistered away in hermitages and chapels. The evolving global civilization will be much better served by the public sacramentalizing of each and every aspect of our common humanity. Each and every object of the material world needs to be rightfully regarded as holy, sacred, sublime. The human body itself needs to be properly esteemed as the crown of God’s creativeness, the foremost instrument of the Spirit’s expression.

Time is now when we must meet ourselves face to face, and see ourselves as we truly are. Time is now for the end of one age and the beginning of another, new evolutionary age. Time is now for the reclaiming of our original nature, our divine heritage and birthright, our true and properly destined stance in the Cosmos. Time is now for God to put on a human face-- or rather, time is now that Man’s own countenance should shine with the creative Light of God.

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  1. # Blogger Awakened1

    The time is NOW, and NOW is all there is

    Peace Brother, good to see you posting something up here


  2. # Anonymous Devoutin

    Let me first say, it may be true that when I speak I'm all over the place, I just try to see the whole picture.

    one has to be so careful, at the risk of sounding corny, we all walk on broken glass.

    What your describing, is Luciferianism, its the new age movement, its the religion that hiter believed in, its absolutly sacred knowledge of our true selfs.
    but somewhere it got the name Luciferian. At some point in history That concept was evilfied.
    In the bible the word Lucifer replaced the word Babylon, so became the fall of an angel that doesn't exist. Lucifer is a Latin word, not Hebrew.
    having said that you know I feel that the church made "good and evil" tricking people to worship (give away spiritual will) to a false god, and turned all thats good into evil.

    This same idea of overcoming humanity is what runs the church though, this is why its so tricky.
    they want the truth to be shrouded in darkness.

    This is interesting too

    "In cryptography, Lucifer was the name given to several of the earliest civilian block ciphers, developed by Horst Feistel and his colleagues at IBM. Lucifer was a direct precursor to the Data Encryption Standard. One version, alternatively named DTD-1, saw commercial use in the 1970s for electronic banking."

    I'm thinking from the stand point, of helping others with the word you have presented with out getting them caught up in the web. How is it possible to show all the layers of the onion at once? is it possible? Or is it up to ones self to make sure they're finding their own divinity, and not separation.
    Time is now, Time needs a new definition, cause time as we knew it, doesn't exist, but there is a dimension of time that has no definition except as far as I know termed "fractal" In the mind and in quantum physics or on a trip this is apparent.

    where is the line between feeling the divinity and self absorption?
    Is it a false sense of security and not acknowledging ones on vulnerability? Is it up to us individually to drop this Plane of existence and enter a higher one,
    or are we all waiting on each other to go at the same "time"?

    Intuition not the delusion, its the idea of scarcity that is.  

  3. # Blogger upwinger

    Wow-- You've brought up a lot of interesting points; unfortunately I dont have the 'time' right now to address them all ...

    I'm surprised to hear the cosmogony I espoused equated with 'Luciferianism,' and 'Hitlerism.' Luciferian, I can handle -- so long as its interpreted in the same sense as Schure and Steiner used it. But 'Hitlerism?' ... Let me be clear: I'm not at all talking about 'overcoming humanity.' I'm talking about finally living up to our true Humanity, what it really means to be human ... I suppose there is some similarities to the Ubermensch philosophy there; but let us not once again confuse Nietzsche's vision with the monstrosity that Hitler perverted it into. ... The basic tenet I'm promoting is much closer to the visions of Aurobindo and Satprem; and I heartily recommend investigating Aurobindo for a clearer picture ...

    And let me be clear on this as well: its not about 'dropping this Plane;' its about living this 'plane' to the full. And that happens one by one; and hopefully, after a critical mass is reached, we will see the conversion to a more enlightened species prevail rapidly and irreversibly.  

  4. # Blogger diogenes

    Where was I when this wonderful blog was being written. Would like to exchange links here. Will you?  

  5. # Blogger Sophia

    Hi Upwinger,

    It's been a while since I've stopped in to say hello. I've moved blogs, and no longer update the Seeking Enlightenment blog. There has been a shift in my reality and I am experiencing something new to me, I don't know what to call it, perhaps bliss?

    It was good to catch up with you. I am looking forward to this evolution of mankind. While I may not be here in this body to see it, I will be in another body.  

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